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For Media & Commercial Photography

Our museum is operated by part-time volunteer staff, volunteers with other jobs or main occupations, and cooperating companies as we do not have full-time staff.

While we have no issues with media coverage, and we will prepare as much as possible, we may have to decline requests for accompanying interviews or photography due to unforeseen circumstances. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate such requests.

We sometimes receive requests for location shooting for commercial purposes, such as movies, commercials, and magazines. While we can discuss availability based on the date and location, the use of our museum's name (in the credit title) is a prerequisite. Facility usage fees will be waived. Please note that we often have to decline such requests during the autumn foliage season. Additionally, there may be a charge if arrangements for preparation and staff are required.

It is mandatory to submit any video or publications that include our credit title to the museum.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in advance.