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Photography Rules (Inside the House, House Grounds, and Senkei Garden)

Due to the widespread use of smartphones and digital cameras in recent years, there have been instances where photography practices disrupt both viewing and operations. We kindly request that you adhere strictly to the following photography rules.

We welcome a large number of visitors and groups from across the country on both weekdays and weekends during the autumn season at Nakano Residence Memorial Hall.

Photography inside the house (covering both private and commercial photos) is allowed, but please note that only cameras can be brought into the house, regardless of whether it is free or paid.

Tripods, other equipment, and bags for photography preparation are strictly prohibited, as they can cause inconvenience to other visitors. Capturing images over an extended period and occupying space is also not allowed.

Commercial photography, including those accompanying wedding venue clients, requires permission. Please understand that, as a general rule, only snap photos are allowed for occasions like weddings. Be advised that permission may not be granted, or fees may be applied.

Senkei Garden is a walkable garden with spacious grounds; therefore, tripods and bags are not an issue. You may take photographs within the bounds of common sense while considering other visitors. Note that any commercial photography or filming for broad distribution and advertising also requires permission. The decision to permit or charge for such activities is based on the internal rules of Nakano Residence Memorial Hall.

About the Model Dressing Room

For shoots involving models, please use the partitioned small room provided for storing luggage and changing costumes.

The dressing room fee is 2,500 yen (tax included) per hour and is available in one-hour increments.

It is on a reservation basis and first-come, first-served.