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About Reservations

For Travel Agencies

  1. About Opening Periods, Hours, and Closed Days
    Please be sure to check the opening periods, hours, and closed days on our website.
  2. About Admission Fees and Group Rates
    Please be sure to check the admission fees and group rates on our website.
    Note) We cannot accept coupon tickets other than "Zenryoku Coupons" and coupon tickets with an automatic settlement type at the time of issuance.
    Even if customers bring other types of coupon tickets, we will not be able to accept them, and you will need to pay in cash.
  3. About Advance Applications
    Even if you make a reservation in advance for our museum, there is nothing we need to prepare for that. We always have group tickets ready for groups of up to about 200 people.
    If the group size exceeds 200 people, or if there are multiple visits as part of a series tour, please use the admission application form (PDF printout) available on our website.
    If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or fax.
    TEL: 0250-25-1000  FAX: 0250-47-4545
  4. About Replies to Confirmation of Received Documents, etc.
    As a general rule, we do not reply from our museum. Please be assured that even if there is a failure to receive the application, we are always ready to accept group visits, and there will be no problem with sudden visits.
  5. About Cancellation (Discontinuation) After Application
    There is no need to contact us on the day of the visit; a no-show is fine.
  6. About Museum Guides
    Please be aware that we do not have guides at our museum.
  7. About Parking
    Please refer to our website. Please be aware that we cannot reserve parking spaces in advance.
  8. To Tour Conductors
    November is a season prone to rain. On the day of your visit, once the scheduled time of arrival is confirmed, please check the rain cloud radar on your smartphone or other device and decide whether to visit the Izenkeien Garden or the Art Museum first. The Izenkeien Garden has long garden paths, and there is some distance between buildings where you can take shelter from the rain. The Art Museum has shorter corridors, and there are other buildings and residences where you can avoid the rain. Please make a better decision based on the weather conditions at that time.

For Groups Visiting the Museum

Please use the reservation application form in the following cases:

Advance applications are not required at all for our museum.
If you wish to apply for any reason, please refer to the following.

  1. Applications via Travel Agencies
    (The number of visitors does not matter)
    ※All entries should be made by the travel agency.
  2. Direct Applications from Visitors
    For groups of 20 or more (eligible for group discount)
    ※If the group falls below 20 on the day, please purchase tickets at the vending machine.

For cases 1) and 2) above, please tell the staff the name on the application form at the reception.
※Normally, admission (garden) tickets are purchased at vending machines.

■Group Reservation Application Form

Please print out the application form PDF and send it to the fax number indicated in the PDF.