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About the Exhibits & Events in Ichi-no-Kura

These are the current planned exhibits. Please note that they are subject to change.


Heizo Asai Photo Exhibition

While Mr. Heizo Asai's main profession is a lawyer, he is also an excellent photographer.
In 2019, we held a photo exhibition of rare animals which Mr. Asai himself had persistently photographed during his travels around the world, despite his busy schedule. The exhibition was very well received, with many requests for encore sessions.
Finally, an encore exhibition is scheduled for 2024.
The theme of the exhibition is left entirely to Mr. Asai's discretion, and it has not yet been decided. We will announce it as soon as it is determined.
<Heizo Asai Profile>
He is affiliated with Elm Law Office and serves as the chairman of the Pollution Control and Environmental Preservation Committee of the Second Tokyo Bar Association. He is also an advisory lawyer for Mirai Tax Corporation and often holds solo exhibitions of wild animals he has photographed overseas.