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Inquiries About the Autumn Foliage Status

Our museum's garden is located on a small hill with an elevation of 50 meters at its highest point, and covers a vast area of more than 12000 square yards. There are over 1000 maple trees of various ages. The garden also features many large cedar trees that are over 100 years old. The conditions for foliage such as shade, sunlight, as well as the year's snowfall, temperature, rainfall, and wind conditions can greatly affect the timing, peak, and duration of the foliage. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to provide precise answers to questions about the current status of the autumn leaves.

We operate with the help of a minimal number of volunteers, and as a result, the time taken to respond to phone inquiries can be quite long. This has been causing difficulties in carrying out other tasks every year. Similarly, many inquiries are made to city offices and neighboring facilities, which also suffer from operational difficulties.

We recommend referring to local conditions or internet news for a general idea about the state of the foliage in your area.

Additionally, Nakano Residence Memorial Hall is not managed by the county or city and receives no public subsidies or grants. We are a private public interest foundation. A few years ago, we planned to install multiple fixed-point live cameras within the premises. However, the costs were prohibitively high, which would also affect the admission fees, so the plan was discontinued.

We kindly request your understanding of the above circumstances and ask that you refrain from making inquiries about the status of the autumn leaves as much as possible.