Notice Regarding Building Maintenance for This Year


We have been diligently managing the garden since mid-May. However, we have been struggling with repairs for leaks in the Nino-Kura (secondary storehouse within the estate) and one of the large warehouses outside the property, which have been leaking since last year.

The repairs for the Nino-Kura are scheduled to take two years, including this year, during which time exhibitions will be suspended.

Since the passing of Professor Yano last year, we are deeply saddened that we cannot hold exhibitions. We are planning to create a dedicated exhibition space within the estate for the professor's valuable photographic works.

Additionally, we plan to open the currently closed Gono-Kura this year, which underwent internal renovations last year. Due to unexpectedly high costs, we anticipate the renovations will take approximately five years to complete.

There is also a large quantity of various old furnishings relocated from the warehouse, with no space available for exhibition or storage. Therefore, they will be stored outside the estate buildings (in the covered walkways) this year. We apologize for the somewhat unsightly appearance this may cause and kindly ask for your understanding.

The opening date remains unchanged as scheduled for September 20th. We eagerly anticipate the visits of many guests.

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