To the Next Hundred Years: The Commemorative Tree Project

The Nakano Residence - Museum of Art Foundation is well known for its huge and unique mountain garden, which displays numerous Japanese maple trees and captures the way life was like during the Meiji period.  However, these majestic trees are over 100 years old and beginning to show their age.  Deterioration is becoming more noticeable. In a move to save this living work of art, the Foundation is launching "To the Next Hundred Years: The Commemorative Tree Project".  The purpose of this project is to plant and nurture new trees in order to maintain this beautiful garden and allow visitors to enjoy this natural canvas for another 100 years. 


The Foundation invites you to join in this endeavor, by sponsoring a tree.  The Foundation plans to plant a variety of Japanese maple trees and Japanese plum trees in certain pre-designated areas of the garden.   This project is an excellent opportunity to commemorate an event in the life of a loved one or celebrate a special occasion in your own life. 


How to Sponsor a Tree


To sponsor a tree, patrons are asked to pay a fee of \31,500 (tax included).  This fee includes:

E        the price of the tree

E        an engraved plaque commemorating an event or honoring a loved one (size: 102mm x 137mm)

E        materials to protect and nurture the tree (i.e. splints; straw for protection from the snow; fertilizer; and regular watering and treatment for insects)


The Foundation will be tracking the growth of these trees through digital photographs that will be posted to the Foundation website (


Selecting a Tree


Normally, the Foundation will be responsible for picking the sub-variety of Japanese maple trees and Japanese plum trees.  However, if there is a specific sub-variety of maple or plum tree that you wish to have planted, please contact the Foundation.  The Foundation cannot guarantee that it will be able to find the specific sub-variety requested, but every attempt will be made to meet your request.  Please note, that in certain situations an additional fee may be required to pay for the sub-variety requested.  In the event that you purchase your own tree, the Foundation will subtract \8,000 (tax included) per tree from the fee.  It should be noted that trees purchased and provided by patrons will not be covered by the warranty used to cover Foundation-provided trees.  Also due to certain limitations, the Foundation is unable to plant big trees. 


If you have a tree of your own that you wish to be planted, the Foundation asks that you measure the tree and contact the Foundation at:

E        Phone/Fax: 0250-25-1000

E        Email:



Complimentary Tickets


As a token of its appreciation, the Foundation will provide ten free tickets to visit the Nakano Residence - Museum of Art Foundation.  These tickets are good for three years from the date of planting of your tree. 




Once you have picked out your tree and it has been purchased, the Foundation invites you to come to the garden and celebrate as your tree is planted.  The Foundation will provide you with five tickets for you and your loved ones to attend this event.  The Foundation will do its best to arrange the event on a date requested by you.  However, the Foundation asks you to please consider the planting season when determining your date.  Generally the planting season is from mid-March to May, and mid-September to November.  Please understand, that it is possible that the Foundation may not be able to meet your request due to a previous engagement or due to inclement weather. 


If you care to attend please contact the Foundation at:

E        Phone/Fax: 0250-25-1000

E        Email:




The Foundation prides itself on the beauty of its gardens and will do its best to care and provide for each tree.  However, it is possible that a tree may die.  To address this concern, the Foundation provides a warranty for the first three years of all trees purchased from the Foundation.  Should your tree die within the first year, the Foundation will replace the tree free of charge.  From one to three years, the Foundation will replace the tree for \10,500.  In any case, the Foundation will contact you should your tree die.  Unfortunately, trees brought in by you cannot be covered by this warranty. 



Due to limited space, the Foundation will discontinue this project when it acquires 104 dedications.


This project is run by Nakano Residence - Museum of Art Foundation.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting the Foundation at:

E        Phone/Fax: 0250-25-1000

E        Email:


Should you purchase a tree, a landscaping company designated by the Foundation will return your call.  After this initial call, the landscaping company will be responsible for all business plans and details, including fees.  Thank you and the Foundation hopes you will help in this endeavor to preserve a part of Japanese history, culture, and beauty.

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Map of the Planned Locations for the New Trees
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